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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ha ha okay the answer is YES I am still ALIVE. YES I am still blogging. And YES I will only blog when I have free time.

Which is hard to come by. People who really want to talk to me should go through MSN or email me at my work address. it's jill at and I will personally reply only on work days. HA HA HA. or just come at eat with me lah. up for makan for lunch or dinner in MV all the time one.

It's not by choice, I've seriously been really busy. Be it boyband website for EMI or corporate company website, currently handling a big pitch now and is unable to blog more often. :) work's fine but I reckon I need more sleep as usual.

And now, to entertain you! (I am liking this Web 2.0 movement)
It's a bit blur but live with it.

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